Looking For Alaska

One of my favorite time in my life is reading book because from the book, we can imagine the story on our mind and for some reason i prefer read the book than watch the movie based on that book itself.

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Chocolate x Strawberry

So it was a few weeks ago when my friend and i decided to take lunch in an Australian Restaurant called The Pancake Parlour in Margo City. As you can see, the restaurant served any kind of pancake from the sweet until anti-mainstream pancake such as pancake with beef/bacon, baby potato, etc. It was a tiring day after we spended the time together find some good stuff in mall. When we arrived there, i ordered the menu first.

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Haha oh God i don’t know why but I just can’t stop laughing when I see this pict :v
I forget when I taking this pict it is when I and my friends are in a class and the lecturer haven’t coming yet so we just chat and make a joke. But you know, I am bored. They suddenly tell the story about their love life and I getting bored at the time so I taking my phone, activate the camera, and take a photo of my friend candidly in front of me and yeah, as you can see above, that’s my friend’s expression :v

Sunshine in the morning


At 7.30 a.m, I got nobody in my home when I woke up. Just me. And I decided to slept again until at 8.30 a.m I woke up again.
I bored at the time, so I go out and the sunshine goin into my eyes and like my home, at outside there’s also no one people around me. And I feel alone suddenly. Because no one around me at the time, I chosen to get my smartphone and take selfie and the photo above :v

Cutest teddy bear


Yesterday, August 30th 2013
When I taking this photo, Im in my friend’s dorm because we had spending a half day searching new dormitory for us *and I wont tell you the reason behind it*
How about this photo? Is it cute? Even I dont really like teddy bear but I think its not really bad to realize that in this photo, the doll looks adorable ♥

Ps: you can see my friend behind the doll 🙂

First ★

At 5 pm, in this room -my room, im alone, waiting the time to breakfasting because im fasting now *im moeslem 🙂
Actually, I dont know what should I post in this blog because I have one blog before *and I never using it since I graduated from Senior High School* and it is make me frustrated.. and hungry #eh
But after take a long time to thinkin about what topic I using when I write and share in this blog, I decided to write and share about PHOTOGRAPHY since I loved and addicted with all about photography and vintage effect in every picture I saw from lots of professional photographers ♥
And maybe I’ll post all my captures and photos soon because I’m busy to preparing my dinner for breakfasting right now 🙂

P.s: for all moeslem around the world, happy breakfasting if in your country had already maghrib kkk~~ ;*


*first capture ♥♥