Haha oh God i don’t know why but I just can’t stop laughing when I see this pict :v
I forget when I taking this pict it is when I and my friends are in a class and the lecturer haven’t coming yet so we just chat and make a joke. But you know, I am bored. They suddenly tell the story about their love life and I getting bored at the time so I taking my phone, activate the camera, and take a photo of my friend candidly in front of me and yeah, as you can see above, that’s my friend’s expression :v


First ★

At 5 pm, in this room -my room, im alone, waiting the time to breakfasting because im fasting now *im moeslem 🙂
Actually, I dont know what should I post in this blog because I have one blog before *and I never using it since I graduated from Senior High School* and it is make me frustrated.. and hungry #eh
But after take a long time to thinkin about what topic I using when I write and share in this blog, I decided to write and share about PHOTOGRAPHY since I loved and addicted with all about photography and vintage effect in every picture I saw from lots of professional photographers ♥
And maybe I’ll post all my captures and photos soon because I’m busy to preparing my dinner for breakfasting right now 🙂

P.s: for all moeslem around the world, happy breakfasting if in your country had already maghrib kkk~~ ;*


*first capture ♥♥