Well, 2 years ago, I used to be a kind of fangirl of Korea Boyband. It made me so addicted by any stuff of Korea. Also, all the history of Korea and the way to read the words in Korean, I have learnt it all. And for all those reason, I had a plan if someday i will go to Korea and stay there for a long time. But, the time has changed. My affection towards Korean music and stuff is getting fade since I entered the new life as a college girl. I take the English Literature as my major and there’s still 3 semeters remain to graduate. Basically, some people when they take a major in English Department will have a dream to go somewhere with English as the main language such as US or UK. But its different with me. Along i learned all the stuff in English Literature, i have no interested to go somewhere like US or UK. But it doesn’t mean I do not like those places.I  just prefer to choose France as the place i dreamt about. It’s not Paris or even Cannes I’m talking about. It’s Provence that the only part of region in France that i really want to go. And i have two reasons why i want to go there so badly.

First, Provence (read: provongs) is a part of region in southeastern France which is well-known as a place with the field of lavender. Actually, i’m not lavender lovers. I’m daisy lover. But when i saw the picture of the field of lavender in Provence, with purple as the dominant color, for the very first time, it’s like i’m in love with the color of lavender. The color is so beautiful. It is also looked so flawless when we saw the field and the sky at the same time. For some reason it makes me feel so warm and cool at the same time. Beside that, near the field, there’re a lot of perfume factories. Some of tourist can visit and wondering about the scent of any perfume in the factories, including the scent of lavender. i would be happy if i can go to the field first and then visit the perfume factories to try any smell of the perfumes there. The field is also being an object of some photography with most of them were so great with the good angle. That’s one the thing I will do when I go there soon. I’m always want to take the picture of every side at the field. Beside the color of lavender, there’s also some flowers with different colors like yellow, or red. Especially for the flower with red color, we can find it around the hill in the Provence. And don’t forget about the green color of the grass and sky blue that will be make a good photo if we take it the same time with the good angle.

The second, provence has their own traditional culture in every town or the village of this region and it still be remained. One day, i watched a France movie with Provence as the setting of place. The movie showed some of traditional culture in Provence such as the show of bull, like in Spain. Also there’re also a performance of musician with some traditional songs which is atracted a lot of tourist to come to the village in Provence. The village itself is not that noisy and not that calm, but it gives you peace. Beside that, the beach at Provence can be one of another destination. The beach itself is still pure with the white sand and some wild flowers around there. And it can make you relax because around the beach, it just the breeze of the wind. There’s no local citizen around there. So the tourist can play around in the beach with some friends and messing together. The distance of the beach from the town itself is quite enough to take a ride by a motorcycle. But it must be fun going there by motorcycle because the street itself is not that crowded with the car or motorcycle. Someday I want to ask my friends to go there, spending our break time to have fun and messing together at Provence. And then we can go around the field of lavender and enjoy the traditional show there. It must be great.

One point that i can get is that beside Provence has their own trademark with the field of lavender, Provence can be one of alternative destination to visit. Or maybe you stay there for a long time if you want to look for the place with not that noisy and neither calm. Because Provence has a lot of beautiful place to visit with some people you adore such as your friends, your lover, you family, etc. And someday, i will go there and stay for a very long time. If I have graduated and then have a good job, at least I will spending my break time to go there, just to make me calm and relax. Or maybe I will go there first and then find the job there after i graduate soon. But, if I want to go there, I should learn French first. Provence of course using French language. There’s not much people in Provence who can speak in English. Unless if you want to Paris, maybe there’re some of people there who can speak in English. But it’s different in Provence. The thing I know before you learn about French is that at least you have to pass the DELF test (TOEFL in English) in level B1. So, if you want to go France, especially Provence or maybe Paris, make sure you can speak in French first. And also make sure to speak it fluently with the right accent because the accent of French is really different and kind of difficult to imitate. I’m still learning the French now and well, my French is still awful. It is still hard for me to speak or even pronounce it like Parisians.



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