[Tulisan] Carita Beach

Months ago, during semester, my friends and i decided to spend our holiday Carita Beach at least 2 days where the beach is near enough from my hometown in Serang. Then, the day after that, we all gathered in Taman Topi that very close from Stasiun Bogor because the way we would take is from Jasinga city. Before we left, we had such a conflict the driver who was my friend’s twin, but finally we were off to Carita beach by a car and it took 8 hours until we’re arrived. It has been 11 PM and then we were looking for the nearest hotel. after we found out the hotel which was very close with the beach, we were really starving and then we decided to take a dinner in a very traditional restaurant that served seafood as the main menu.  We were full and then went back to our room and bed rest for tomorrow because we had a lot of things to do fun together.

The next morning, at exactly 5 AM, our expectation for the moment was that we will have fun. But the things is just the flipside. Suddenly the driver said that he should go back to Bogor because he had an exam and it made us seriously pissed off, mad, bewildered, and shocked because we just arrived and then he wanted to go back to Bogor at the time. At first, we didn’t want to go back early but after we discussed it serously, we’d finally agreed but before we go back, we should our rest of the day to do fun. So, we went to side of the beach and taking some selfies together and then we went to the main beach by a public transportation or people called it Angkot. After arrived there, we walked around the beach, enjoying the wave that made us very pleasant even it made us forgetting our ‘bad morning’. And again, we took a lot of selfies on the sand near the beach and then we went to ride the banana boat together and seriously, it was soooo fun!

banana boat yuhuu :)

banana boat yuhuu 🙂

During our riding with banana boat, we were driven to the Mutiara island where it just acrossed from Carita. Some of my friends left the banana boat and swim over the sea to enjoying theirself with the fascinating plants underwater but i just sit still on the banana boat, watching them who swiming laughed so hard and enjoying the scenery of the sea with the sunshine lightning the whole sea. There were also a lot of sailor in the middle of the sea trying to catch the fish or whatever they were doing out there. While my friend and i just stand still on the banana boat and my two friend were swiming around the sea, my other friends on the boat were just playing around with their camera, taking selfies with their own pose even they posed with the weirdest pose i have ever seen. lol.

And then the two of my friends who just swiming around went back to banana boat and then all of us went back to Carita. I thought we’ll never be fell over like the other people when they were riding banana boat. But when we were close enough to the beach, the boat that pulled our banana boat suddenly turn the right so fast and well, we fell over all of sudden but it didn’t matter because we had the safety in our body so it couldn’t make us sink.

We walked to the side of the beach with a smile over our face and then sitting down on the sand. We were really felt so pleasant even after we fell over the sea and again, we took a photo together with such a wet and a lot of sand on our body. Then we offered a young coconut because some of us were thirsty but not with me.

After that, we went back to our hotel by walked together because the distance between the beach and our hotel were not really far. When we arrived in our hotel, we were in hurry to come in our room and then two of us took a bath first while the others were waiting after us. After all of us were done cleaning the body and put some make up (lol), we left the place before the noon and must caught the time to Salat Jum’at for the boys. and finally, we were really left the place without cleaning the room with full of sands in every corner of room and none of us even remembered to cleaning that (lol again)

So far, it was the first time i took a very fast holiday but i enjoyed it because i did that with my friends. And we didn’t regret it even there was a troubled between us but well, it’s okay. And Carita beach was so beautiful place even the part of the beach we visited was not the quite one because the quite one was really beautiful with the sand which still white and pure and not much people came there. i hope we could visited the beach again, especially the quite one so we could spending our holiday more than a day.


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