First Time in Imperial Cakery

It was a day after spending our half day in class, listening to the lecturer about the subject and well, as you can said, it was seriously tiring! So, my friends and i decided to go to mall (as always) and then we found Imperial Cakery, a restaurant that we never gonna try there and then, we decided to try that one.

after sitting down for a while, we ordered the menu and we ordered these one:

2014-10-08 15.02.06

The food in the middle of the drinks is a medium pizza. I have no idea what name of that pizza but the thing i remembered about that pizza is the melted cheese around the pizza. The taste is not really bad, so-so as everyone always said. By the way, the place was seriously comfortable, with the woods material of the tables and the chairs, the red brick for the wall and there was the place for smoking area so we can enjoy the food without the smokies around us lol~~


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