Looking For Alaska

One of my favorite time in my life is reading book because from the book, we can imagine the story on our mind and for some reason i prefer read the book than watch the movie based on that book itself.

So right now, i would like to tell you one of my favorite book, especially in English language

2014-06-01 15.03.41


The author was John Green of course, the maestro of The Fault In Our Star (if you’re familiar with that name lol). The story was about the ordinary guy who met the beautiful girl with the such kind of mysterious side. When i read this book, i thought this is the best novel i have ever read because the story was seriously different and unpredictable. I thought Alaska and Miller (i didn’t remember the name of the guy. sorry) will be together until the last chapter but yeah.. i was wrong until i read the After chapter :”””

Okay if i had the chance to make a list of which John Green’s novel you shoul read, i thought Looking For Alaska will be the first book you should read and then The Fault In Our Star. Some book lovers maybe will recommend you to read TFIOS (The Fault In Our Star) first, but not with me. And then after TFIOS, you should read Paper Town (Btw the movie will come out soon with Cara Delevingne as our Margo yay!) and finally The Abundance of Katherines as the last book of John Green you should read xoxo~

Anyway, this is The Abundance Of Katherines with my Breakfast At Tiffany’s by Truman Capote πŸ™‚

2014-04-21 19.50.35


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