Chocolate x Strawberry

So it was a few weeks ago when my friend and i decided to take lunch in an Australian Restaurant called The Pancake Parlour in Margo City. As you can see, the restaurant served any kind of pancake from the sweet until anti-mainstream pancake such as pancake with beef/bacon, baby potato, etc. It was a tiring day after we spended the time together find some good stuff in mall. When we arrived there, i ordered the menu first.

And this is what i ordered


i’m not really remember what name of this menu but for some reason i kindly love this! And for the drink i ordered Lemonade and at first i thought it was soda with lime and it tasted weird but now i enjoyed it.

After a while, my friend finally ordered the menu and this is what she ordered


She ordered the same as me but with different flavor and she didn’t order any drink because she brought herself.

Until right now, i really enjoyed hanging out in here because the place looks cozy, not too much in lightning, and the waitress was good. Beside the pancake, it also served any kind of western menu like Lasagna, Pasta, until Korean food such as Bibimbap, Ttteopokki and also Indonesian food like Nasi Goreng, Soto, etc.

If you want to get more info about this restaurant, just click here

Here are some menus i have ordered:





E N J O Y!!! 🙂


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